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We have more then 100 active members in age 16-30. They participated in projects in Poland, and projects activities.

They interest in cultural youth exchanges.

Poronin, Poland - January 2020

Project was held in Poronin, Poland from 04 -11 January 2020. Project focused on a very important topic which was identity and diversity. It aimed to raise aware and deepen understanding about meaning of identity in human’s life, but also in social life in the local community as well as in the diverse Europe. It Promoted cultural awareness, diversity, cohesion, integration, social inclusion, participation and intercultural dialog. It give a chance to discover the meaning and value of society and European citizenship. The participants will also developed a number of key competences that enhanced their personal and professional development. They developed social competences, sensitivity, empathy, a sense of unity and belonging. understanding, as well as cultural awareness and expression.

Bigibba, Malta - January 2020

It was a Training Course about Entrepreneurship and Startups. Where 30 participants from Cyprus, Italy, Romania, Poland, Croatia, Malta Lithuania, Spain and Malta worked together. The main aim is to educate youth workers in the field of Entrepreneurship. In return they will be in a better position to equip young people with competences that will help them think in an entrepreneurial way, and equipping them with leadership skills to be capable to run their own business and also run better NGOs.

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